Topless at the Condor the Carol Doda Story


TOPLESS AT THE CONDOR THE CAROL DODA STORY is a feature length documentary set in San Francisco in 1964 when Carol Doda became the first dancer to go topless. Wearing fashion designer Rudi Gernreich's monokini, she performed on top of a white baby grand piano that descended from the ceiling of the Condor Club in North Beach. Her act unleashed a sexual revolution across the nation. She then embarked on experimental silicone injections that increased her bust line from 32” to 44”. In the process, Carol Doda became a San Francisco tourist attraction second only to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Partially based on the book Three Nights at the Condor by Benita Mattioli, wife of former Condor Club owner Pete Mattioli, we tell the story of the birth and bust of topless dancing.

Documentary Team


Pete Mattioli, former owner of the Condor Club.
Benita Mattioli, author of “Three Nights at the Condor,”
Congressman John Burton, author Wednesday Martin and saxophonist, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, and Sly and the Family Stone Co-Founder, Jerry Martini and many more.

Produced, written and directed by: Jonathan Parker and Marlo Mckenzie
Produced by: Vince Palomino
Executive Producer: Lars Ulrich
Story Editor: Karen Everett | New Doc Editing
Editor: Jennifer Mayer
Associate Producer: Rick Morse